Military Faction Information:
Tech Focus: The United Nations Stellar Force or UNSF has mastered tried and true weapon systems like ballistic projectiles. They also have access to vast resource fields and create generally less sophisticated but much thicker and more power hungry cap armor configurations. They can take a significant amount more damage before being destroyed but don’t repair as fast as CA drones. The UNSF is able to use weapon systems at a greater range while reloading them faster. The Military MMC’s are truely the fist of stellar combat and is built with that in mind.

Political control:
The UNSF leadership is comprised of veterans of the first corporate war and have a innate distaste for politicians, believing they were the cause of death for millions. They tend to be well trained in the forms of psy-ops and know whats needed for politicians to fall in line, a carrot, or a stick… They aren’t afraid of flexing to show who’s boss but the fear of mny is the end goals of these generals and soldiers as they are seen by the public as heroes… They view the government as a broken system and people as “the mob” with all it taking to get them to turn on someone is some well placed, well worded negative propaganda. They believe in power, through superior firepower. Yet as ruthless as they seem, they serve the people and think this way for the betterment of the human race. Why shouldn’t those military members who see behind the curtain be the ones to lead us? At-least you would always know they are honorable and patriotic doing anything, including giving their life in service for their people…

Drone Platforms:

Multi-Layer Combat (Brief):
Firing between layers requires a detected enemy or friendly commander within a radius around you that corresponds to the respective layer. The target can then be engaged either above or below you, and depending on the distance it will take more or less time to impact. Weapons include kinetic kill rods, suicide drones, cluster missiles, orbital lasers, EMP missiles and many more… Generally the smaller your vehicle the smaller the radius of effect but allowing faster reload. Combat will also include linked nodes, layer reinforcements, EXAS or expendable asset drone deployment and dozens more.