Insurgent Faction Information:
Tech Focus: The vessels held by rogue states and organizations are antiquated generally and predate the first corporate war. They are built strictly for speed, maneuvering and firepower. Understand that combat in space is fast and far, weapon computers were not always as fast as they are on the next generation of combat drones like the MMC. So dodging incoming, manually aimed weapons was common practice towards the end of the war. They can be swiftly pushed aside by new gen tech, but will put up a fight to defend their homes and assets. Called rebels, insurgents, rogues, terrorists, whatever they’re called, they are often displaced refugees… And sure, like in every group there’s always some bad apples. Usually playing pirate to scrape by as they rebuild annihilated infrastructure. But lately they have seen some strange activity in the system, and they know a storm is coming. They have access to 7 generations of legacy vessels and they wont be afraid to use hundreds of different ship types to stop any incursions.

Political control:
After the inner planets were bombarded with kinetic kill munitions by the both the CA and UNSF at different points in the war, as well as having orbital infrastructure crippled and the asteroid fields significantly damaged its easy to say their agenda is to survive… The UNSF was entrusted with their care but has truly let them and countless others down. We assumed that once humanity moves past earth we would be safe from self annihilation, but the Earth is wilting from a runaway greenhouse effect in its early stages, political stagnation preventing action, solid sustainable infrastructure destroyed or crippled all over the system and the horizon looking quite bleak with the tension on society ratcheting up…. Will we prevail? The Fermi paradox simply says… no.

Drone Platforms:

Multi-Layer Combat (Brief):
Firing between layers requires a detected enemy or friendly commander within a radius around you that corresponds to the respective layer. The target can then be engaged either above or below you, and depending on the distance it will take more or less time to impact. Weapons include kinetic kill rods, suicide drones, cluster missiles, orbital lasers, EMP missiles and many more… Generally the smaller your vehicle the smaller the radius of effect but allowing faster reload. Combat will also include linked nodes, layer reinforcements, EXAS or expendable asset drone deployment and dozens more.