Corporate Faction Information:
Tech Focus: The Corporate Alliance has a heavy focus on technology and power transferring giving the a significant edge with energy weapons plus their accuracy and radar range. As well as armor repair, capacitor regeneration and maneuvering. All these categories provide corporate drone vessels a unique edge in combat if they are utilized by a mind suited for situational awareness and tactical operations.

Political control:
The CA focuses on lobbying to change government policy in their favor. They want to be in the shadows, unknown but yet knowing all. The best way to rule is through manipulation and legislature. The corruption had once been expelled from Earth but slowly the claws sank back in thanks to the greed of those the people elected to power. Should someone not fall in line? Their career is swiftly destroyed and they are replaced with someone more… Flexible. This might seem harsh, but these are industry leaders creating billions of jobs and maintaining a way of life for countless people, shouldn’t they have more of a say in what happens to further add to the betterment of man kind?

Drone Platforms:

Multi-Layer Combat (Brief):
Firing between layers requires a detected enemy or friendly commander within a radius around you that corresponds to the respective layer. The target can then be engaged either above or below you, and depending on the distance it will take more or less time to impact. Weapons include kinetic kill rods, suicide drones, cluster missiles, orbital lasers, EMP missiles and many more… Generally the smaller your vehicle the smaller the radius of effect but allowing faster reload. Combat will also include linked nodes, layer reinforcements, EXAS or expendable asset drone deployment and dozens more.