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Special thanks to:
Dave and Shaun for having faith and helping out where you could regardless of your requirements in life, without your support this would not have come this far…

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Play Eve Online?
Ashterothi, a fleet leader is one of the 3 veterans involved in this project, check out his links below!

How this was made by one person:

Personal Education and Futurism:

Kids educational app I made early on:

Our YouTube channel:

Credits for the V-Verse:
First, let me say I could have never made this without the support and patience of my family. And if you ever have the chance to follow a life long passion, don’t think, just do. what’s a couple years in the length of life-time…

1) Fellow veterans to help push and support me in this pursuit:
1a) Dave N. (Helping with DCC, being there at the start and always acting supportive while helping fund the site and many other events/idea refinement, I can confidently say that at my lowest points without him still being in I would not have gotten this far.)
1b) Shaun B. (Helping with DCC, idea refinement and future planning)

2) Family and friends that helped in more substantial ways:
2a)Amir A. (assisting with DCC and helping my wife cope with me)
2b)Jaden A. (Early testing, feedback and direction)
2c)Aiyana Alviar (all hacker vocals, came out exceptionally)
2d)And any other family/friends that have been supportive over the months/years
2e)Enemy death voice overs (male) by J.D. Thanks for helping out!
2f)Enemy death voice overs (female) by 11linda (Ashley Eddy) / /Youtube /Home
3) Idea concept refinement/education:
3a) Isaac Arthur (With my tinnitus I require constant audible noise, Youtube is my medium of choice. Finding his channel was seren-dipidus as it contained any topic I felt fuzzy on and I owe dozens of concepts to him and his teachings, if you like futurism check out his SFIA channel)
3b) Startalk/Neil Degrasse Tyson (at countless points in the game I inject actual knowledge into the V-Verse, how to go about it and what to put in is directly due to NDT’s teaching philosophies)

4) Open Music/short audio clips:
Let me add that I went through hundred if not thousands of clips, I tried to maintain URL’s and names of the creators but IF I forgot you, or I used something of yours not open, sorry. Please let me know and I will correct the issue. Though the latter should not be an issue.

4a) Darker music by Tyops: / /Youtube
4b) Exciting music by 4barrelcarb: / /Home Site
4c) Dramatic music by joshuaempyre: / /Home Site
4d) Cinematic music by AlexProst: /
4e) Extra music by MichaelMalong: / /Youtube
4f) Intro music by bigmanjoe:/
4g) Bonus music by edtijo: /

5) And a thanks to NASA for both inspiring a generation and planet/galaxy sky-box textures!

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