Back! With a racing game in a week?

I needed to take care of a few things like fix my phone, few things around the house, part of the car, help entertain our visiting nephew and oh yea, make another game!
My nephew Jaden is 11 y/o and wanted a game to race friends with, customize and upgrade a car, do stunts, dodge obstacles with abilities that you pickup resources for. So I made that in our spare time.
Took about..
6 days (2 of those days to learn the Unity wheel system, sigh) to make. Its nothing grand but it shows that with the right knowledge, its easy to make a small game and that Star Kinesis/V-Verse are massive by comparison. This game saves prefs, has multiplayer, 5 unique customization options for the car, color changer, 3 unique thrust systems with 2 upgrades each. 5 car chassis’ with easy add systems. 3 energy meters that allow rank points to be added to increase the max, level system with xp, cash and points. Dynamic environment and track variations. Garage with customization visualizations, re-spawn and quick reset, dodge mechanic for obstacles, ramps for track transitions flight power systems and a NOS system. Lastly, everything is saved by player and an ads system has been added! So its a silly car drifting game with lots of lights and colors for a young boy, its not perfect and likely not the jam of most people. BUT it does show that with just a few days and solid knowledge of what to use, where to go and how to structure a game you can make something decent with ease.
So why bring this up?
Because I want people to understand that when you know how to do something efficiently you can create anything… And that’s what I will be doing next, a tutorial while making a new game in the vain of something I personally enjoy over the course of a week. Now that I’ve got a ton of personal things squared away, my phone fixed, software updated, I’m back in business!
Wanna play? Select below!
Web-Builds(Chrome requires an extension/No multi-player(I think)):
Normal Unity Web-player
Offline Unity Web-player
Streamed Unity Web-player

Downloads(.zip or .rar):
PC ZIP Download
Mac RAR Download
Linux ZIP Download

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