Finally, done with the UI re-build!

Has not been a fun week+, exhausted from a massive kids party to my phone boot looping and dying so I couldn’t test… BUT I’m just gonna post this build as I wait for parts. The UI has been revamped entirely with everything condensed down to 2 menu buttons that change based on the scene. They also allow interfaces that split up the information flow to the player with overhead maps that allow you to gather mines, relocate your base, see your link influence and send quick pings in game. Cleaned and refined the tutorial as a system the player entirely controls as well as quick information missed with a codex that gets downloaded for the player to see more information. I did also updated my SDK’s so I think that should fix the android version black screen issue. But I cant test a whole lot at this time so I’m relying on players to yell their bugs at me. Thanks for your patience and time, check out the video highlighting the major changes!

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