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Star Rush: A V-Verse Augment
Dear citizens, are you bored with life? Are you tired of un-original entertainment? Are you hoping someone comes along and makes a game with infinite options while listening to you as the players? Well, lets get started, shall we? Star Rush is a container app game that also ties into your V-Verse account. You can play various mini-games that are added/updated while contributing to your main V-Verse account! You can play it on or offline, multi or single player. You can come to our forums and add your ideas or provide feedback while discussing the concepts with your peers and us! Stay tuned for more information, I’m setting up the site, sub pages and finalizing beta builds right now!

Hey, this is different…
Yes citizen, a much needed change has finally been implemented! I hope people prefer the new JSVeterans.com, I know I do! Not 100% complete just yet, the sections within Star Kinesis that link to the old site aren’t migrated presently. Once I update the UI in game (next task) I will migrate and adjust whats needed. Thank you for your patience!
This one was rough, but just completed the full interface and UI Revamp for the V-Verse shell and Star Kinesis! Will be posting builds today! Check out the video overview highlighting the changes!

Star Kinesis is LIVE
Star Kinesis is the first of 4 layers that will play in tandem off the same account. Its available on Android, all desktop platforms with more to come in the near future! But the “clutter” of the UI was something I was quite aware of and frankly, didn’t know how to fix. I have now gotten some solid feedback from Shaun (Ashterothi) and have a direction mapped out! If its too annoying, overwhelming or confusing, just give me a few days to get it restructured. It will be worth the wait! Stay tuned through the social media links below for upcoming updates as well as the new site dev blog!

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Game Overview Section:
This is the planned lineup with Star Kinesis available on android and desktop platforms.

Download Section here!

Available Currently:

Coming Next:

Within 6 months:

V-Verse Game Linking:

What else do we have?
Sol System, an educational app for kids designed to show what humanity has done in space with 3d models and narration. The demo has a timer on it, I suggest downloading that unless you simply want to support us!

Dev Blog


The Veterans Universe has begun…
See the birth and future of mobile games: High quality graphics, linked accounts and game-play, dynamic control across multiple platforms. Support us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest news! And we really could use all the help we can get..

Whats the story?
The story across the first volume is the same arc in the same time frame from 4 subordinate views across 2 factions. See how manipulation from the top of governments and companies effects human perception. Discover the system and the secrets it holds all the way to Titan, our local refrigerator. Find out what you’re made of in the V-Verse and most importantly, don’t.. trust.. anyone…
V-Verse Stage:

V-Verse Intro:

Prologue One:

Prologue Two:

Prologue Three:

So what is the goal of this “universe”?
Within the walls of volume one there will be 4 games (a 5th if things go well), they will be linked to play with each other in real-time both directly and indirectly while sharing an account and playable on all major platforms self-adjusting complexity and graphics. The different titles will offer dramatically different types of game-play from large, slow drone carriers to atmospheric drone fighter wings and high speed tank combat! Each game will take place on a different layer with the ability to assault players in other games:

Image Gal
The functionality of LinkSAT missions within the V-Verse

V-Verse Factions:


Current Platform Downloads:

Star Kinesis Android (Google Play)- Star Kinesis Windows 7- Star Kinesis Mac OSX- Star Kinesis Linux

Coming Soon Platforms:

Star Kinesis IOS (App Store)- Star Kinesis Mac OSX (App Store)- Star Kinesis Steam- Star Kinesis Windows 8/10- Star Kinesis Windows Phone

Under Development:

Next in line:

Star Fonias all platforms- Star Pyr all platforms-